Cardiovascular Workout

Ability to easily raise the heart rate and keep it elevated.

Calorie Burner

Compares the “calorie burning rate” when exercising at the same perceived rate of exertion.

Overall Muscle Toning

Effectiveness of incorporating a large percentage of muscles during the exercise.

Bone Density Benefits

Likelihood of increasing the user’s bone density which results in stronger and healthier bones.

Low impact Workout

Ability to minimize stress on injuries affected by impact such as hip, knee or ankle ailments.

Perceived Effort

Relationship between workout results and perceived effort to achieve those results.

Self Discipline

How the design of the machine can make it easier to ensure a great workout.





Multigyms - Functional Trainers




Maximizes cardio-vascular results in the shortest amount of time.

Incorporates a wide range of muscles which quickly get the heart pumping.

Relies on the larger leg muscles to elevate the heart rate.

Running is a full body workout and can easily average 700 calories per hour. Walking = 400 calories per hour.

An elliptical that incorporates the upper body averages around 600 calories per hour. (Legs only averages 400 calories/hour).

The pedaling motion of an upright bike can burn around 500 calories per hour. Recumbent bikes use less core muscles and burn on average 10% less calories than upright bikes.

Running is proven to tighten and tone one’s body very effectively, particularly the core and legs.

Provides very good toning benefits to the upper leg muscles and the upper body if the arms are used. If no arms are used then in order to maintain balance the core muscles are activated.

Great muscle toner for the legs but minimal benefits to the rest of the body.

The combination of a weight bearing exercise and impact is ideal for developing bone density.

Capitalizes on the weight bearing action of an elliptical trainer to get very good results.

The non-weight bearing action of cycling results in less bone density benefits but that can be increased by riding out of the saddle on an upright bike.

A premium shock absorption system helps reduce stress levels while running.  Walking on an incline also helps reduce impact levels.

Minimal impact as the feet remain planted on the pedals at all time.  Increasing the resistance and lowering the RPM’s also helps lower impact levels.

With the user’s weight supported by the seat, a bike is ideal for low impact workouts. Recumbent bikes offer even further benefits due to the back support and flatter pedalling action.

A smooth, comfortable and natural feeling treadmill is the key to lowering perceived effort.

Excellent results in relation to the perceived effort a user puts in.

The exercise incorporates the larger leg muscles meaning a good balance between calories burned and perceived effort.

A great option for exercisers who lack self discipline and tend to ease off during workouts. The user just has to keep up with the belt.

By choosing a full body elliptical (with arms) the user can focus on involving more arm strength to offset tiring legs.

With bikes if the user slacks off the workout results are greatly reduced. The Target Watts program on Bodyguard’s bikes is an ideal way to maximize results.